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Battle Of Trafalgar Chess Set
Plain Finish
Battle Of Trafalgar Chess Set
Hand Decorated Finish
Battle Of Trafalgar Plain Chess Set
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Battle Of Trafalgar Decorated Chess Set
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The Battle of Trafalgar Chess Set
21st October 1805

Trafalgar was one of the most decisive naval battles ever fought. In the course of a short October afternoon, the Combined Fleet of France and Spain, with 33 ships of the line was defeated by a British force of 27 ships of the line.

18 of the French and Spanish ships were captured or destroyed and 4 escaped only to be taken a fortnight later. However, the British joy at this remarkable victory was overshadowed by the death of Nelson. This outstanding chess set commissioned for the bicentenary in 2005 is executed with the usual Studio Anne Carlton mastery.

The main characters on the British side.
King: Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, Commander in Chief British Fleet.
Queen: Emma, Lady Hamilton, mistress of Lord Nelson.
Bishop: Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, second in command of the British Fleet.
Knight: Captain Thomas Hardy, captain of HMS Victory.
Rook: HMS Victory, flagship of Lord Nelson. A first rate battleship launched in 1765.
Pawn: British gunner. Able to produce a very high and accurate rate of fire.
The main characters on the Spanish and French side.
King: Vice Admiral Pierre de Villeneuve, Commander in chief Combined Fleet.
Queen: Madame Villenuve, wife of Vice Admiral Villenuve.
Bishop: Lieutenant General Don Frederico Gravina, Commander of Spanish forces.
Knight: Captain Jean Lucas, captain of the French battleship Redoutable.
Rook: The Bucentaure, flagship of Vice Admiral Villenuve. Launched 1803.
Pawn: French gunner, gallant but not as experienced or so well trained as the British.