Hand Decorated Resin Chess Sets. Chess pieces partially coloured by hand, leaving some of the natural base material exposed. Hand Decorated Resin Chess Sets
Finest quality English chess pieces, chess sets, chess boards, and chess accessories.
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Chess pieces partially coloured by hand, leaving some of the natural base material exposed.
Click to ViewAmerican Civil War (decorated) - This detailed set has been highlighted with the technique of hand decoration. Skilful... MORE Click to ViewBattle of Bannockburn (decorated) - The patriotic quest of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, to free his land of foreign d... MORE
Click to ViewBattle of Culloden (decorated) - Sculpted with great attention to detail and authenticity, and hand decorated in two p... MORE Click to ViewBattle of Hastings (decorated) - This superb set has been a favourite since its introduction in regular brown and ivor... MORE
Click to ViewBattle of Trafalgar (decorated) - The Battle of Trafalgar Chess Set 21st October 1805

Trafalgar was one of the
... MORE
Click to ViewBattle of Waterloo (decorated) - Near the village of Waterloo, just south of Brussels, Belgium, on the 18th of June 18... MORE
Click to ViewCanterbury Cathedral (decorated) - SAC's skilled designers have created from the architecture and statuary in and around... MORE Click to ViewCeltic (decorated) - Almost one thousand years ago the Celtic inhabitants of Ireland rose up under their K... MORE
Click to ViewCrusades (decorated) - Skilfully hand decorated, the pieces represent the Christian side led by King Richard... MORE Click to ViewDinosaurs (decorated) - Dinosaurs were one of the great success stories of evolution. They totally dominated ... MORE
Click to ViewLord Of The Rings (decorated) - This magnificent chess set has been created by the skilful artists and sculptors at S... MORE Click to ViewRichard the Lionheart (decorated) - This regal chess set features important characters from the era of King Richard I of ... MORE
Click to ViewSherlock Holmes (decorated) - Beautifully hand decorated in shades of green and grey, the famous fictional private ... MORE Click to ViewSpartacus (decorated) - Beautifully hand decorated in the authentic colours of the era, this superb chess set... MORE
Click to ViewWarlords (decorated) - Sculpted in intricate detail, these fascinating pieces represent the age old struggle... MORE
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